It’s amusing to me that NFL Media and NFL Fans display the same behavior as a pack of wild dogs. They will quickly pounce on a player with ruthless and unfounded criticism, and then quietly move on to new prey as soon as they realize that they aren’t going to be successful in destroying the player.

Chris Johnson ICONJohnson is averaging 4.9 yards per carry this season for the Titans.

The tale of Chris Johnson is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

As soon as CJ2K had a monster season, a contract dispute, and then was rewarded with huge dollars, the critics were chomping at the bit to bring him down as a fraud, lazy, greedy, one hit wonder, etc.

Anyone who’s actually played or coached the game knows that what dictates the true success of the running game in today’s NFL is the ability of the Offensive Line to produce daylight, and for the skill players and quarterback to make plays in the passing game so that the defense doesn’t put nine defenders in the box.

The other 10 players on the offense have to do their jobs in order for the running game to be effective. That flies directly in the face of NFL Media who want to isolate players for the success or failure of the team and spout off completely bogus stats…like the infamous Quarterback Win-Loss records. 

The same people ripping on Chris Johnson are the same people who vehemently told the world that Vince Young was “just a winner” and that Tim Tebow would outwork everybody and become a great passer.

Listed at 5’11, 191 lbs, Chris Johnson is not the biggest NFL runningback, but he is incredibly durable and tough, despite what his media attackers would have you believe. He’s missed one game in his five-year NFL career, while averaging 22 touches per game.

In addition to his durability and toughness, he is still explosive and producing big numbers for the Tennessee Titans both as a runner and as a receiver out of the backfield. He won’t likely return to his production level of 2009 where he ran for over 2,000 yards and had over 500 yards receiving…because that isn’t a winning formula in the NFL anymore. It’s a passing league, pure and simple.

However, he did have 1,047 yards rushing and 418 yards receiving last season as the Titans narrowly missed the playoffs. This year, he’s already put up 942 yards on the ground with an impressive 4.9 yards per carry.

In the entire NFL, only Adrian Peterson and C.J. Spiller have a higher per carry average than Johnson. He should become a 1,000 rusher this weekend, for the 5th consecutive season. To put that into perspective, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t had a 1,000 rusher in 7 years. Clearly, Johnson is still an electrifying back with big play ability.

When was the last time you heard someone on television or on the radio praise Johnson’s performance this season? In September, he was being crucified, unjustly. People questioned everything about Chris Johnson, with little or no regard to the Football Facts. Chris Johnson is still an amazing back.

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